RetailTools: We will conceptualise everything the client sees and experiences


SVT Branding + Design Group develops concepts and formulas for retail, the catering branch, healthcare, and service organisations. We believe that a concept can only be good when the underlying commercial plan is also sound and solid. Powerful concepts make for formulas that work.

Concept development: the big idea


Customers experience a shop or its surroundings as a holistic entity. This will all come together during the concept formula development. It is a creative business plan: ‘The Big Idea’. We take a close look at the customer journey and discover where chances lie. With the help of the Platform Development Model® we will brainstorm about the consequences for all retail elements. What do we want, what is feasible and what needs to be done? We translate the concept into a powerful document in word and image.

The formula development

The concept is then translated into the formula. During the development of a new retail formula, we always think from the perspective of the client. Our promises and designs are not just window dressing; we are going to make sure that your brand and ambitions are translated perfectly. A promise we can make true. The ultimate goal is a formula that adds value and distinction, what will show in the figures. We start out making scenarios, in which we will search the boundaries and focal points within the concept. Zoning plans, tone of voice, and first drafts or sketches already give a good indication of where we are heading. In the draft design, everything is devised and designed: layout, routing, department structure, interior design, furniture, lighting, in-store communication and exterior design. We will conceptualise everything the client sees and experiences. From the draft design we move to the final design and, ultimately, the realisation. We also finalise formula manuals, which provide guidelines for an independent rolling out of the formula.

Omnichannel and multi-format

To stay relevant, it is important to keep finding the connection with the mindset of the consumer. This may be achieved by a multi-format strategy, but certainly through offering an omnichannel experience. With our omnichannel approach, we make sure that all consumer touchpoints strengthen each other. We bring the online world to the shop floor and search for the boundaries of technique and innovation.

A great example of a multi-format strategy is the city concept we have developed: ‘Kruidvat in the city’. Surely, when you’re walking through a city centre, you’d sooner buy some new makeup than a discount pack of toilet paper. Range of products, service and formula have been adjusted to this behaviour and redesigned. Are you also looking for the next step in your retail formula? Don’t hesitate to contact us!