RetailTools: We love food & we love retail


We love food & we love retail. Why we think food retail is so unique? It is so inextricably linked to our daily lives that it mirrors our society. It responds to changes in society, you can see trends come and go.

We saw the rise of organic food, the solutions for single households, blurring, the growth of Food-to-go and so on. We can see the influence of strong competition. In addition to that, food retail brands must be solid, yet dynamic, because of the wide audience they want to serve, and subsequently, of the development of many different formats (XL, city store, food trucks).


From supermarket to specialty shop

Over the past 30 years, SVT has developed many great food concepts. From supermarkets and specialty shops to single product stores and convenience concepts. We were at the cradle of AH to Go, at the time the first convenience concept in the Netherlands. But we were also contracted to set up specialty shop Simon Levelt and the C1000 supermarkets. We don’t just want to make a shop more innovative, attractive or inspiring, we think it is just as important that it is commercially strong and sound.

Formula development

When it comes to developing a new retail formula, we always think from the perspective of the client. Our promises and design are not just window dressing; we are going to make sure that your brand and ambitions are translated perfectly; a promise we will fulfil. The ultimate goal is a formula that adds value and distinction, what will show in the figures.

We start out by making scenarios that will search the boundaries and focal points within the concept. The choices lead to an overall concept, in which the first zoning plan and first drafts and sketches will already give a feeling of where we are going. Here, all aspects of the formula come together. In the draft design everything will be devised and designed: layout, routing, department structure, interior design, furniture, lighting, in-store communication and exterior design. We will conceptualise everything the client sees and experiences. From the draft design we move to the final design and, ultimately, the realisation. We also make finalising formula manuals, which provide guidelines for an independent rolling out of the formula.