RetailTools: Van opticien tot tuincentrum


What do a 20 m2 pop-up store and a 10,000 m2 garden centre have in common? They both respond to the mindset of their customers as best as they can. There’s a good chance that the shopper in the pop-up store in a busy shopping street has other needs than the shopper for whom the garden centre is special outing. When you know what these needs are, you can make your brand or formula relevant. Therefore,  we also spend a lot of time studying the clients of our client.

Retail formulas for garden centres & DIY


Greenery in your home is hip, hot and happening. Gardening, attention to nature and ‘living green’, are becoming an increasingly larger part of our daily lives. This offers plenty of new opportunities for garden centres and DIY stores.

But how can you make sure that a 10,000 m2 store stays exciting and challenging? How do you respond to the changing target audience? For many people, a visit to a garden centre or ‘furniture strip’ is an outing, the other quickly wants to find what he’s looking for. We also see a growing impact of integrated catering services. SVT Branding + Design Group has a wide experience in garden centres and DIY stores. Are you interested in our vision, or can we help you with the (re)development of your retail formula? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Living & Lifestyle shops

Living & Lifestyle shops are very sensitive to trends, just like fashion. Supply and price are increasingly becoming receptive to competition, so it is vital to be distinctive as a brand and formula.

What is your target audience and how do you reach it? Is there a need for an XL-store, or maybe rather a city store? Or maybe social media proves to be an important trigger in the purchase process. SVT likes to help with the development of omnichannel retail concepts. Here you can see what we have done for Eijerkamp and Dille & Kamille.

Positioning in the optical branch

After a status quo for many years, the optical branch saw the rapid development of new business models. New trends also reached us from abroad. This offered the perfect opportunity for new positioning and showing true colours.

As a retail formula, do you want to focus on the functional aspect (eye correction) or emotional aspect (lifestyle)? Is the collection your offer price-oriented, smart-value or premium? On the one hand we see the rise of online optical shops, on the other hand some of the large online players such as Ace & Tate and Warby Parker are opening one physical shops after the other. We like to help you with your positioning, putting the dot on the horizon, the (re)development of the retail formula, the retail design or the in-store communication. Are you curious what we have done for The Glass Story? You can read it here.

Concepts in health & beauty

Regarding the development of retail formulas for pharmacies or drugstore chains, we see that the boundaries are fading. A pharmacy is turning into a place where you can actually go shopping, drugstores become fun. You can get a garden hose at Kruidvat and your shampoo at the supermarket. This means that it is important that the brand and formula are standing out.

What makes your formula so unique? Retail formulas must respond more and more to the mindset of the consumer, and we see a growing influence of social media and beauty vloggers in this branch. This has resulted in a city concept for Kruidvat: ‘Kruidvat in the city’. Are you also looking for the next step in your retail formula? Don’t hesitate to contact us!