RetailTools: The Coop convenience store


The Coop convenience store

Coop Vandaag is the first city retail formula by Coop. It is a compact convenience store with a neighbourhood function where different services come together. They can prepare your meal for you, or you do your own cooking. Whatever you need, you can always come here for a freshly prepared meal from the kitchen, to take home or to eat while you’re on your way, at any time of the day.

Supermarket &  take-away

It is a trend food retailers no longer can ignore; city dwellers do their shopping several times per week, or even per day.

Visitor frequency is rapidly growing.


In the morning they go for a sandwich and a coffee for breakfast, in the evening they get their other groceries or a takeaway meal for dinner. Coop responds to this trend with the convenience store formula Coop Vandaag. This retail formula strongly takes into account the location, the environment, and the needs of consumers living in the area. It offers the ‘best of both worlds’: here you can get your daily groceries, but at the same time you get a takeaway that is freshly prepared – right in front of you.

Freshly prepared in own kitchen

The thing you will notice immediately in the Coop Vandaag stores is the shop kitchen. In the morning you are greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and croissants. In the evening, it is the smell of a freshly cooked stew or pasta.

Everything is prepared right in front of you, and you can take it home hot or cold. At the same time, the shop has a wide but compact range of grocery products. This way, you can get everything you need, ingredients for dinner or your household goods, in one shop visit.

Easy & quick

At Coop Vandaag you must be able to do your shopping easily and quickly. Therefore, we have developed a commercial layout, which caters for the quick decision maker who just wants to get a takeaway, as well as for the customer who likes to spend a bit more time shopping.

By adding extra services such as a packages service, dry cleaning, and shoe repair, the supermarket has been given a neighbourhood function, making it indispensable in the local area. The shop is open 7 days a week, from early in the morning until late at night.

Own identity

Coop Vandaag has been given its own identity that clearly shows the two benefits of the convenience store formula: tasty and quick.

The illustrations show the different eating moments during the day and illustrate the ‘getting your groceries and takeaway’ function of the shop. The retail design is also different from the regular Coop shops. The use of different materials, the kitchen, of course, and a different combination of colours make this type of shop the cool little brother of Coop.

From idea to realisation

The first Coop Vandaag shops have been opened in Rotterdam. The clever concept has been successful from the start and is now rolled out nationally.

For Coop Vandaag we developed the retail concept, the accompanying own graphic language and logo, the new retail design of the shop, the in-store communication and all printed material. Would you like to know more about a multi-format strategy? Please contact us.