RetailTools: Taking a bath at


More and more online retailers are opening physical shops. They all feel the need to have a physical place where customers can experience and buy the products, or where they can get personal contact or service.

1000 m² of bathroom inspiration

Here you will find just about any sanitary product you can think of: 1000 square metres of bathroom inspiration, the most beautiful sanitary products and the most experienced staff. All under one roof. Discounts, yes, but certainly not an order picker. Just top range products and advice at webshop prices. Want to try your singing voice under the shower, or check out the comfort of a bathtub? It’s all possible at They now have two locations, in Nieuwegein and Rotterdam, and a third one will be opening in Amsterdam in the summer of 2018.
Trying out the bath

One of the most frequently asked questions at customer service of Badkamerwinkel was: «Can I come and see your products somewhere?» You don’t buy bathroom products that often. So when you do, you want to see and experience them, or maybe you need some personal advice.

You want to lie down in a bath or check the hinges on the doors of the bathroom furniture to see how they open and close. For SVT developed and designed a physical place where you can experience the products, buy them, and get advice. A showroom with an advisory function and a pick-up point.


Rebels, from web to shop

How can you stand out in a branch where distinguishing yourself is difficult through the range of products? By standing out as a brand. This time, not the obvious blue logo with a drop of water, but a striking and rebellious logo with contrasting colours and a unique tone of voice.

We went through a strategic trajectory and decided on the positioning and the distinguishing values of the brand. This resulted in a rebranding and the retail formula. Ultimately, we translated the new visual identity into the styling of the website. is one crystal clear story, from website to shop.

Clicks to bricks

In the bathroom branch you see both showrooming and webrooming: see what you like in the shop and then buy online and vice versa. It is a ‘customer journey’ where online and physical shopping can reinforce each other.

The shops are new meeting places, physical communities, an extension of your brand. This means that is it important that you excel when it comes to service and experience. stands out: from a blow-up of the iconic goggles to the ‘washing street’ lined with shower products. In our shop you will find a wide selection of the more than 60,000 articles, the stock is digital. Here you can find your inspiration and place your order, and the next day everything is delivered at your door, free of charge. And no heavy lifting for you!

From Excel to
retail formula

Setting up a physical retail organisation can be tricky for businesses that started out in e-commerce. While everything is measurable online, this is different in physical retail, and setting up a retail formula requires different disciplines and expertise. A new type of questions will be raised and the competition arena is different.

How do you handle 60,000 articles on 1000 m2? It is extremely important to make the right choices reagarding assortment and service. They can make or break a shop, or they can boost your online sales. SVT can support and guide you through this process from start to finish. We translate online brands and webshops into physical, distinctive and commercial shops.