RetailTools: Naturally! Intratuin.


Green is hot. We cannot imagine being without it in our home, garden or around us. This offers plenty of opportunities for new suppliers in the market. Intratuin, an established name among the garden centres for almost 30 years, has asked itself in time about how to deal with this development, and has contracted SVT to come up with a new strategy, identity and retail formula.

The new green

In 2006 we created the now familiar Intratuin logo. In 2017 we reviewed it again, with the aim of keeping in touch with the changing world and developing a new future-proof logo, while preserving the strong brand recognition.


After honing and re-determining the core values and brand values in strategic sessions, we translated this into the visual identity. This resulted in a recognisable logo type and device which comes into its own at various levels (exterior, shop, packaging).

Green fingers or convenience?

Shopping at Intratuin must always be an experience. But how can you make sure that a 10,000 m2 store stays exciting and challenging?

Whether you have green fingers, or you would rather go for convenience, Intratuin wants its customers to come home filled with inspiration and knowing exactly what to do with their new purchases. For this, we have developed the ‘magazine concept’. A store that is laid out as a magazine. With changing themes, sections and space for inspiration and information. The retail formula has been built up from different specialty shops where the range of products, the expertise and inspiration are fully displayed. The gaps in between make the large stores also more exciting and dynamic.

From ‘Flower Shop’ to ‘Living Garden’

The specialty shops form the magazine sectors of the store. All specialty shops have their own name, logo and design.

You find yourself in another world, which has, for example, the theme ‘Living Garden’. Here, you learn what you can do to turn your garden into a home for butterflies, bees or birds. At the entrance you find the ‘Flower Shop’, and further down ‘The season at your table’ or ‘Everything for indoor living’. ‘Eating in the Tasting Garden’

What does the season taste like? You can experience this in the Tasting Garden, the new catering concept by Intratuin. The kitchen is the focal point and your senses will be triggered to taste.

It is ‘blurring to the max’: you move around the plants, furniture and accessories of the garden centre, and in the meantime you taste the herbs and flowers that were used in the dishes.

Everydays at home

Everydays is the new Intratuin basic label. In addition to the major brands in the range of products, there was a need for a personal, basic label for everyday usable products.

It is a strong branding tool, which enhances the distinctive and unique position of Intratuin in the market. Another advantage is that customers take a ‘piece of Intratuin’ back home and use it daily. This strengthens the top-of-mind position of the garden centre and will be an incentive to visit again. In addition to the introduction of Everydays, we also designed the logo and the packaging.

Online: inspiration & solutions at home

A month after your visit, you may not remember what kind of care your new plant needs. Or maybe you want something that goes well with it, or a plant for that specific dark corner.

In most cases, the search more and more often starts at home. This made it hugely important that the Intratuin website offered just as much inspiration and many solutions as the physical store. For a consistent brand experience, we have translated the look & feel and the visual identity onto the website. We developed the web style that allowed for space for changing themes, seasons and categories.