RetailTools: Dille & Kamille, an oasis in a busy town


We were happy and honoured when asked to help Dille & Kamille. It is not just an exceptional shop formula, but also a very special organisation, where the Dille & Kamille DNA is in the blood of every employee. An organisation where, as a design agency, you must not act as the proverbial bull in the china shop.


Dille & Kamille, an oasis in a busy town

You won’t find the Dille & Kamille shops in the flashy high streets, but just around the corner. The shop feels like an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping streets. As soon as you enter, you hear classical music and you’re struck by the wondrous combination of products. The first shop was opened in Utrecht in 1974, but its ideals have never changed, and they are regaining relevance in this day and age.

An extraordinary philosophy

Dille & Kamille has a beautiful story. It is all about taking time for yourself and your environment, relaxation and enjoying the simple things in life. It is about natural materials, functional designs, basic and authentic.

But how to communicate this story inside the shop? And not just in the customer experience, but also by passing on the philosophy. We have made the brand clearly visible at various locations in the shop and have added some further explanation. We have also made the brand statement visual and tangible, in the Dille & Kamille way.

Pastry wheels and funnel sieves

Dille & Kamille surprises you with lots of convenient products you never knew existed or how to use. Because when or how would you use a pastry wheel, funnel sieve or Chinese fondue ladles?

This information will be whispered in your ear via the shelf cards. In three short sentences they tell you how and when the product can be used. This makes the shop more narrative and commercial, in a way that fits with Dille & Kamille.

From browsing to finding

Shopping at Dille & Kamille is about browsing and getting inspired. But also, about finding what you’re looking for. This can be quite hard when shop shelves are filled with ten, if not a hundred, types of scoops.

SVT has taken a close look at the shop navigation and implemented a clear hierarchy. A wooden sign at the entrance shows the zoning inside the shop, and by sub-navigation on the shelf, you immediately see where to find what.