RetailTools: De Kinderkliniek


Innovative concept in paediatric healthcare

De Kinderkliniek in Almere is a project on which SVT has been looking back with pride for several years. The initiative was born from the necessary innovation of paediatric care and the need for more space for outpatient treatments. By dividing the clinical (hospitalisation) and outpatient care, the organisation of the care for the child (and parents) can be improved. This makes it possible for De Kinderkliniek to focus more on the client. The main principle for this is one-stop shopping: to deal with the examination, diagnosis and treatment plan in one part of the day, whenever possible.

A safe and familiar home environment

As the recovery process of children is best at home, De Kinderkliniek believes in the power of a safe and familiar home environment. Not just the young patients, but also the other family members need to feel at home.

SVT developed an animated identity and translated this into an attractive concept for the clinic. From walls and furniture to the routing signs; nothing was spared, and everything was designed from the cheerful visual identity of De Kinderkliniek.

Children point
the way

De Kinderkliniek is divided over three floors, each with its own colour scheme of the different disciplines. They have been laid out in such a way that the lines between practitioners are as short as possible.

The navigation was incorporated in a playful manner; children are pointing the way and you don’t need to read to see where you must go. The design of the different areas makes you forget that you’re in a hospital. The different communication layers and the interior have been addressed in a recognisable and playful manner.

Co-creatie met kinderen, ouders en artsen

Bij de ontwikkeling van de indeling en inrichting zijn de kinderen, ouders en medewerkers zelf betrokken geweest. We willen immers niet alleen dat patiënten en verzorgers zich er prettig voelen, maar ook dat het een fijne, efficiënte werkomgeving is.

Zo hebben we er voor kunnen zorgen dat de artsen de patiënten altijd zelf kunnen ophalen, zodat de kinderen niet alleen door het gebouw hoeven te lopen. En is er in het ontwerp zoveel mogelijk rekening gehouden met het perspectief van kinderen. De receptie is zo laag mogelijk gehouden en op een aantal plekken wordt er op kinderhoogte genavigeerd.