RetailTools: An image says more than a thousand words


Especially nowadays, as we have become accustomed to an unbridled amount of information and visual impulses. We believe that a strong visual identity is now more important than ever. It mirrors what your organisation stands for and believes in. The combination and interaction of name, logo, typography, tone of voice, colour and language, shows the core of your business and it communicates the brand’s vision to the outside world.

From logo design to spatial identity


A powerful visual identity can be immediately recognised and is an important branding tool. Preferably, the recognisable elements will also do their job individually, such as the swoosh of Nike, or the famous M of McDonalds; you recognise both without seeing the name. It is our task to translate this visual identity into the spatial design as well. Which materials, smells or sounds complement the brand? In short, what is the spatial identity? We develop recognisable shops that, even without having to repeat the logo, tell the customer who they are.

Ready for change: evolution or revolution?

SVT builds unique and recognisable identities. Whether you go for evolution or revolution. Sometimes you need to take a big leap: a completely fresh start or a newly developed identity. But it may also be better to build on what’s already there. We will then take the path of evolution. We map out the existing house style elements and look for what can be left out, added or changed, to make the visual identity more contemporary and future-proof.