Retail Design: Primera ojeada al nuevo concepto de tienda interactiva de Lego

logo de Lego

The Lego Group opened the doors to a new store format that bridges digital and physical on Friday — one it intends to bring to more than 100 stores across the globe this year.

Located on Fifth Avenue in New York, the 7,175-square-foot flagship seek to fulfill consumers’ increasing desire for personalized and interactive retail experiences.


“For a number of years, we’ve seen the trend towards people visiting stores for high-quality, entertaining brand experiences,” said Colette Burke, chief commercial officer. “Over the past year, our fans have missed personal and tactile interactions with the brand, and we can’t wait to welcome them back.”

The two-story store was developed over the course of two years, aided by consumer feedback for more opportunities to play with the bricks and participate in activities. As a result, it includes such features as an interactive Brick Lab; a Storytelling Table that displays early product designs and prototypes; and a Personalization Studio where consumers can reimagine themselves in Lego form.

“While our existing store format has been very successful, we are evolving it to strengthen brand love and create memorable experiences people will talk about long after they leave,” Burke noted. “We want people to walk into our stores and feel immersed in a world of Lego bricks.”

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