RetailTools: The Platform Development model


The Platform Development Model has been developed by SVT Branding and Design Group as an effective tool in brand and formula development. It gives insight into the different forces operating in retail and their holistic cohesion.

The Platform Development Model is often used during strategy sessions, when the dot on the horizon must be determined, as well as for an intermediate formula check-up or the defining of the status quo.


Unravel the complexity of a retail formula

The Platform Development® means that the different layers, or shells, in the model are closely intertwined and constantly influence each other.

Every brand consists of a rational side – the company values – and an emotional side, the DNA of the company. The Platform Development® makes this visible, as a kind of wagon wheel with the brand as its hub. The outer layers of the model represent the external forces, or context. This can be the changing world, or the consumers and their behaviour which can vary in different circumstances. The inner circle in the internal force: the brand and the formula. Both parts meet each other via the customer journey: the contact, the relation, between consumer and retailer in all its forms and at all locations: physical or virtual, from the first moment of contact to the purchase, until the contact that may take place after the purchase.

With this model, all retail elements that together make up the formula are developed, refined and monitored, while anticipating on changes from external forces. Thanks to its holistic nature, the model can be used from the inside out, but also from the outside in. Sometimes change starts with the changing world, sometimes with the retailer, but it can also be the changing needs and desires of the consumer that change the world we live in. And sometimes the world changes the consumer.