USA: These are the retailers awarded as part of the Retail Hall of Fame

america retail hall of fame
  • The Retail Hall of Fame awards event took place on Wednesday, October 16 as part of the Latam Retail CongresShop 2019 in Centro Parque, Santiago – Chile
  • For the first time, the Retail Hall of Fame recognized retailers at the Latin American level
  • The Latam Retail CongresShop in its 9th edition is carried out by America Retail and Diario Financiero


Wednesday, October 16. – In an event carried out as part of the Latam Retail CongresShop 2019, America Retail unveiled the 10 companies awarded by the Retail Hall of Fame 2019.

Willem F. Schol, President of America Retail, said: “We live in an increasingly changing world where new generations and technology are radically changing the way we think and act. And the Retail industry is clearly one of that has changed the most and that is having to respond, adapt and reinvent itself in the face of these changes. Hence the recognition that America Retail wants to give to retail companies at the Latin American level that have stood out in 2019 on the key fronts of Innovation, Sustainability, Omni Canalidad, Ecommerce and at the country and Latin America level”.


The companies awarded as part of the Retail Hall of Fame 2019 are:

  • Best Latin American Emerging Retailer – All Nutrition
  • Best Latin American Omnichannel Retailer – Promart
  • Best Latin American E-tailer – Cornershop
  • Most Innovative Latin American Retailer – Falabella
  • Most Sustainable Latin American Retailer – Mall Plaza
  • Best Argentine Retailer – Todomoda
  • Best Colombian Retailer – Carulla
  • Best Mexican Retailer – Palacio de Hierro
  • Best Peruvian Retailer – Saga Falabella
  • Best Chilean and Latin American Retailer – Walmart

“The nomination work behind the Retail Hall of Fame could not have been carried out without the valuable cooperation of the Experts that cooperate with America Retail and who assumed this task. My thanks to each of them” said Willem F. Schol.

Carlos Canudas, Carlos Torres Yaya, Carolina Vega, Christian Oros, Cristian Rosales, Daniel Cedeño, Daniel Durand, Eduardo Moraga, Guillermo D’Andrea, Ignacio Gómez, Javier Ramírez, Javier Arellano, Jose Miguel Abudinen, José Carrasco, Julian Jordan, Julian Marin, Mauricio Ucros, Santi Ferrada, Sebastián Hercovich, Sebastian Rodriguez, Sofia Moreno, Willem Schol Llosa, Ysmael Paredes

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