The Backroom: Our traditional interview with the retail prophet, Doug Stephens

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Based on a publication from Daphne Howland in Retail Dive, The Backroom: Our traditional interview with the retail prophet, Doug Stephens.

The Backroom: nuestra entrevista tradicional con el profeta retail, Doug Stephens

While the pandemic isn’t over, 2021 seemed to show that physical locations remain important to retail. But each store must have something to offer.

For the past several years, Retail Dive has closed out one year and welcomed the next through an interview with Doug Stephens, a consultant to many retailers with a decidedly futuristic outlook. Last year, the pandemic had scrambled many retail givens, and therefore many previous predictions for the industry. The pandemic isn’t over, and new strains are threatening the recovery that many retailers experienced this year. Still, 2021 was a year of recovery, with clear signs that physical locations remain an important way to engage with customers.


But not just any stores. In this podcast, I sit down with Stephens as he goes over not only the elements of a successful store, but also the all-encompassing mindset that retailers must have in order to make a store worth running. Thanks for listening.

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This article was originally published in Retail Dive

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