Data Privacy, Retail Media and the Personalized Store


Based on a publication in Retail Touch Points, Data Privacy, Retail Media and the Personalized Store.

Privacidad de datos, Retail Media y la tienda personalizada

Accelerated digital behaviors are accelerating the need for more immersive, data-driven customer experiences. That is why 84.51° and Kroger Precision Marketing are focusing on building, and perfecting, the retail media model for its brand and advertising partners.


But how can brands create highly immersive omnichannel experiences while also being mindful of new privacy guidelines and consumer safety concerns? On Retail Remix, Milen Mahadevan, President of 84.51°, and Cara Pratt, Senior Vice President of Kroger Precision Marketing share their perspectives on:

  • The present and future of the retail media model;
  • Why retail media needs to go into stores to scale, and how that can really happen; and
  • The data and reporting required to ensure campaigns perform successfully and customers have the best possible experience.

Listen the podcast here

This article was originally published in Retail Touch Points

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