2022 Connected Retail Research: How Stores are Managing the Explosion


Based on a publication in INCISIV, 2022 Connected Retail Research: How Stores are Managing the Explosion of In-Store Tech.

Investigación retail conectada 2022: cómo las tiendas están gestionando la explosión de la tecnología en la tienda

An Incisiv webinar, Thursday, February 10, 2022
10 am PT / 1 pm ET


The ‘digitization’ of retail is in full swing. While the pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital and mobile consumer experiences and associate tools this trend is expected to continue. Incisiv, in partnership with Verizon, just released a study highlighting how multiple retail segments are looking at digital and mobile in their store environments to enhance the shopper experience, improve operations, and assist with associate productivity.

According to the study, 93% of retailers expect consumer demand for in-store connectivity to increase in the next three years and the percentage of associate tasks that will be automated will more than double. To address the accelerated store connectivity needs, retailers will need advanced network speed, greater bandwidth, lower latency, and real-time connectivity.

In this conversational webinar, Price Chopper, Incisiv and Verizon will discuss the findings of the study and dig deep into areas of disconnect across the in-store experience. Join us as we discuss:

  • Digital Status – A comparison between the satisfaction levels Grocery/General Merchandise and Apparel/Specialty retailers have with their current digital capabilities and applications.
  • Digital Value– Review retailers’ perceived importance of key applications across customer experience, operational efficiency and associate effectiveness.
  • Digital Plans – Discuss the key digital/mobile applications that Grocery/General Merchandise and Apparel/Specialty retailers plan to adopt in 2022.
  • Connectivity Outlook – Review retailers’ expected rollout of 5G and what is driving the adoption.

This article was originally published in INCISIV

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