Catman: Today’s consumer-goods ecosystem puts retailers first


In today’s big-data reality, retailers and manufacturers alike are learning more about their common shopper. They understand the importance of household-level customization of marketing and neighborhood-level store merchandising—all in the name of stimulating growth of what the Category Management Association (CMA) calls “fast-moving consumer goods” (FMCG).

The CMA recently released a white paper, titled “Three Trends Changing the FMCG Ecosystem,” exploring the current shopper atmosphere and its implications on the retailer and the manufacturer.


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“FMCG are changing rapidly, driven primarily by underlying changes in digital information delivery that is simultaneously weakening brands, strengthening retailers and empowering the shopper—all while creating an unprecedented tsunami of data,” the report stated.

Perhaps most importantly, the improvements in instantaneous interactive communication enabled by mobile communications is empowering shoppers to meet their needs in an ever more personalized fashion, “creating a new shopper paradigm characterized by cherry picking among retail formats to meet differing need states at different retailers more attuned to each shopper’s unique needs,” CMA found.

Three trends and their implications for the future include:

The Growing Power of the Retailer. The traditional weapons of FMCG mass marketing (TV and magazines) have lost effectiveness and, even moreso, efficiency—thereby debilitating brand equity building. At the same time, retailers have consolidated and now dominate the moment of truth at the shelf, aided by new tools such as loyalty cards. The balance of power has permanently shifted towards the retailer.

The Digitally Empowered Shopper. Today’s shopper can rapidly compare price and quality. This creates new shopping behaviors, especially relating to the cherry picking of formats to satisfy specific shopper need states.

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gordon-america-retailPor Gordon Wave, quien se unió en el año a 2011 a la Category Management Association como CEO y Director de Buenas Prácticas. La CMA es la única organización que certifica capacidades de gestión de categorías a nivel mundial según criterios objetivos, la industria ha desarrollado estándares.  Se encuentra enfocado en los límites del pensamiento CatMan y shopper marketing mediante el fomento de las relaciones con las principales asociaciones comerciales de la industria, con las firmas de  análisis de tarjetas de fidelidad y en las tiendas de análisis de firmas comerciales.

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