Catman: los siete mejores datos de visual marketing que necesitas para este 2020


When scrolling down your Facebook feed, what kind of content catches your attention? Is it text, images, videos, or GIFs?

As your eyes scan through your feed, you stop, whether on purpose or not, if a visual holds your attention. Most of the time, if the visual is engaging, it gets a click, a comment, like, or share.


Visual marketing involves the use of videos, infographics, images, and charts to increase your reach and engagement.

Every marketer is fighting to catch and hold their audience’s attention. You want a consumer to not only see your content but read it and take some action.

It’s due to the effectiveness of visuals that images and videos are the most widely used types of content. 80% of marketers prefer using visual images when driving social media marketing campaigns, while 63% use videos.

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