UPS considers expanding into saturday delivery


According to reports, it looks like UPS is looking to expand into Saturday home delivery in a handful of markets in the U.S. The goal is seeing if the costs of picking up an extra day would be balanced up by the revenues generated by adding the extra day.

This is one of a variety of moves the delivery service is contemplating as it moves to adapt to rising eCommerce and the attendant flexibility requirements (same-day delivery for example).


UPS is currently a beneficiary of Amazon (and others) exploding shipping businesses, but it is pretty clear given the level and volume of infrastructure upgrades Amazon has spent the year making to its shipping mechanisms that the eCommerce giant will independently secure its logistic needs through any and all means necessary. Those means include FedEx, the USPS and its own independently operating delivery fleet — whatever it takes to make sure the package gets to the customers’ hands in the specified time scope.

This has left UPS looking to distinguish itself and its offerings, including the expansion of its Access Point Smart Locker pickup program.

Saturday deliveries would even up UPS’ service menu with its competitors at FedEx and the USPS, both of which deliver to homes on Saturdays. But UPS seems committed to making sure they can make money doing it before they forge forward, and apparently have decided competing is not worthwhile if they have to pay a premium to do it.

Fuente: PYMNTS.

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