Carrefour to promote agricultural supply chains that are commited to local, innovative and sustainable farming


Carrefour has implemented an ambitious agro-ecological approach promoting agricultural supply chains that are committed to local, innovative and sustainable farming; specific solutions such as synthetic pesticide free strawberries or Carrefour Quality free range eggs from hens fed on 100% French plant-based feed and reared without antibiotic treatment during the laying period.

Carrefour became a forerunner in this domain in 2014 with the first antibiotic-free chicken supply chain in France. We sell 17,000 of them every week. This approached has been followed by Poland.


Fancy strawberries? Carrefour has just launched a new strawberry supply chain in France which is synthetic pesticide-free from the flowering stage onwards.

In Belgium, Carrefour has developed a Carrefour Quality organic vine tomato supply chain in collaboration with a family firm. A sustainable crop grown in rich soil with a high nutrient content, producing a local product of good quality with an authentic taste.

Going even further, Carrefour is developing a Carrefour Quality system for Supply Chains that are consumers of French origin soy: Carrefour has been involved in the removal of GMOs from animal feed since 1998 and is in favour of the relocation of some 8,000 hectares of soya farm in the South West.

Growing methods that are more respectful of health and the environment, production methods that are evolving to ensure healthy, quality products, etc. agro-ecology is a real source of innovation that benefits our partners as well as our customers.

Fuente: EPR Retail.

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