Storetours: Tesco Superstore, Letnany (Czech Republic)


Our store of the week comes from the picturesque city of Prague which I recently visited on a client engagement. The store under spotlight is Tesco’s flagship superstore in the Czech Republic.



The store is actually located in a shopping mall near the town of Letnany, which is north of Prague and roughly a 30 minutes ride from the city centre. The Letnany shopping mall has a total covered area of roughly 125,000 square metres and has capacity to house 180 stores.

The Tesco store, which is also the anchor tenant at the shopping mall, was originally opened in 1999 and went through an extensive refurbishment in 2014. Similar to many other refurbishments, the Tesco Letnany store also witness its total selling area reduced from 11,000 square metres to 8,000 square metres. A majority of the reduced space was sublet to Sports Direct.

Apart from Tesco, the Letnany mall also features Kika, Zara, H&M, Next, and C&A among other retail outlets.


The Tesco Letnany is a 24-hour store and attracts shoppers from not only Letnany but also from Prague. It’s worth highlighting that the shopping centre witnesses over 10 million footfalls annually and a majority of those shoppers head to Tesco. While Tesco looks to serve across all consumer demographics; my in-store observation suggests that a significant share of shoppers were middle-to-high income and young millennials (20-40 years old) doing stock-up or top-up shopping. The store is also popular with shoppers who seek convenience of 24 hour accessibility such as my cab driver who quite often shops at the store post-midnight.


The Tesco Letnany store is similar to a typical Tesco superstore/hypermarket we see across Europe in terms of the range it carries. However, what makes stores vary across markets is the relative importance they attach to different categories. For instance, in the United Kingdom where the toys category is moving online and seeing reduced space allocation within stores; in the Tesco Letnany store the category not only enjoys sizable store space but is also located in the front of the store therefore witnessing heavy footfall.


General merchandise continues to be a key aspect of the store’s offer and seems to revolve on four hero categories including Toys, Clothing & Home (F&F), Baby, and Electronics. Clothing & Home in particular see a strong representation within the store with the F&F department running through the length of the store with 1,600 square metres of selling area and an independent entrance as well.


Some of the other core categories within the store include: beer-wine-spirits (BWS), fresh produce, free from range, and beauty. The retailer has over the years increased the space allocated to ‘Free From’ range highlighting the changing needs and aspirations of shoppers who are increasingly seeking health & wellness solutions. The Free From section is located at the back of the store and carries a number of sub-categories such as gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.


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