Silver Deer flagship store by MATERIA, Mexico City – Mexico


The look and atmosphere of Silver Deer’s new Flagship store was designed by MATERIA, a Mexican Architecture Firm led by Gustavo Carmona providing creativity and its characteristic detail oriented craftsmanship together with a long experience in the world of high-end retail.


The success and growth of a store that started a few years ago in a western neighborhood of Mexico City, required a more mature design that mirrors the artisanal quality of its products. It was thus Silver Deer ventured with Materia to generate this paradigm shift in the contemporary man purchase’s ritual to launch its new store in Polanco the luxury retail heart of the city, a concept which houses multibrand European, American and Canadian firms.



The Outside volume adopts a language that integrates with its context through contrasts and clean lines. The facade wanted to balance different states of light and permeability with a cantilevered wooden lattice that emphasizes and accentuates the overall volume. A light box serves as transition between the outer esplanade and the reception hall.


The interior design reflects the elegance and sophistication linked to the craft of products offered by the brand by working with natural materials such as leather and wood, the commitment to high quality, the perfection in detail and the dedication developing each piece. The concept reinterprets a forest and its seasonal changes, linking the origins of its founder and the legacy of his family name with the entire proposal.


The forest trees are translated into wall fixtures, becoming Silver Deer’s new trade mark; versatile, flexible and consistent throughout the perimeter. This distinctive element refers to the vertical which generates framings to accommodate the various collections, allowing constant visibility. Meanwhile, a black granite valance league all interior areas simulating the glimpse of the continuous line of the horizon.

The combination of materials in the project create different levels of contrast, distinguishing each area without losing the sense of openness and connection highlighting the products. Silver Deer seal is reflected in every detail of each furniture and space. In addition to the clothing collections, the store has a shoe lounge, Grooming area, a Patio Lounge, Travel Mezzanine and a VIP room with tailor services.

The result speaks of tradition and contemporaneity, an ambitious project with a limited time frame and intensive design that manages to give consistency and maturity the brand.

Photography by Jaime Navarro





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