Sostenibilidad: Waitrose makes a John Lewis journey with moving Christmas ad


A tiny robin makes an arduous epic trip back to the UK for his Christmas mince pie, supplied by a young girl (and Waitrose)

Waitrose has taken a leaf out of sister brand John Lewis’s Christmas TV ad playbook with a heart-tugging festive campaign that tells the story of an arduous epic journey home of a young robin.


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The ad, like John Lewis’s trampoline bouncing Buster the boxer, uses hi-tech special effects to create the robin’s transcontinental Christmas migration in what Waitrose says is the “most creatively sophisticated” ad it has ever made.

The TV ad tells the tale of the real-life migration of a young Scandinavian robin across mountains and seas to reach his home in a UK garden to be reunited with his mate to enjoy a festive treat, a Waitrose mince pie left each year by a young girl.

The 90-second commercial – made by adam&eveDDB, the agency best known for making a string of famous commercials for John Lewis – has a hint of the touching epic trip concept used for John Lewis’s 2012 festive tear-jerker The Journey.

“Coming home is a central theme at Christmas when welcoming, hosting and providing a special meal for loved ones is at the heart of celebrations,” said Rupert Thomas, marketing director at Waitrose, which is part of the John Lewis Partnership. “It’s a story of love, courage and the importance of enjoyment with family and friends.”

The ad marks a new creative direction for Waitrose bearing little resemblance to its 2015 Christmas campaign, which featured a cameo from brand ambassador Heston Blumenthal and was set to Cab Calloway’s 1948 jazz classic Everybody Eats When They Come To My House.

Waitrose’s ad, which will air for the first time on ITV during the X Factor results show on Sunday night, features an adaptation of “Cambridge, 1963” by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson from his score of film The Theory of Everything.

Waitrose said every element story of the star character of the Robin, a CGI creation by special effects house The Mill, has been fact-checked to make sure it is as “close to reality and factually correct as possible”.

The supermarket, which spent £13m on advertising in the final quarter run-up to Christmas last year, is hoping the robin might become something of a festive hit.

The supermarket says there will be “various robin-related products” made available in stores, including kitchenware, clothing, toys and wrapping paper.

There will also be a game, developed by the supermarket’s media agency MG OMD, which will give social media followers an “interactive experience”, of the robin’s journey home.

Waitrose is making sure all the multimedia bases are covered by also launching a book telling the story of the robin’s journey in the advert is due to hit book shops from 14 November.

“We’re really proud of the plucky little fella and his plight to get home for Christmas,” said Richard Brim, executive creative director at adam&eveDDB. “It’s a warming story that speaks to the spirit of togetherness in the festive season and the joy of just coming home. It feels like a great way to wrap up a great year for Waitrose.”

Last year, Sainsbury’s released a book by Judith Kerr on the adventures of Mog the calamitous cat, the star of its Christmas TV campaign, which topped bestseller lists and raised more than £1.5m for Save the Children.

John Lewis sold more than £2.5m of Monty merchandise, the star of its 2014 Christmas campaign, including 48,000 soft toys, some of which went for as much as £500 on eBay as stores sold out.

Sainsbury’s, one of the last major supermarkets still to launch its Christmas campaign, will debut this year’s follow-up to the hugely popular Mog the cat ad on Monday.

Fuente: The Guardian

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