COWS wows with another outlet open in Beijing


Frank Zhou, who immigrated to P.E.I. from China more than a decade ago, opened the first Beijing store for COWS in 2014.

He opened his latest store in the Chinese capital this week.


Federal Agriculture Minister and P.E.I. MP Lawrence MacAulay was in Beijing for G20 meetings, and was able to attend the opening. He was impressed by what he saw.

«It was with great pride, to see something like this happening in a city like Beijing, coming from Prince Edward Island,» said MacAulay.

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«He spent a lot of money in a high-fashion area, and it’s certainly one of the most expensive areas in Beijing, just down from the Rolls Royce dealer.»

The recipe for the COWS ice cream in China only has half as much sugar as the Canadian product, to be more in line with Chinese tastes, but it is still all made on P.E.I.

Source: CBC News


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