Shopper Experience: poor customer service seems antiquated


I recently read an interesting article on how Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos personally views customer complaint e-mails and forwards them to his executives to act on.

This is the epitome of service, and shows that Amazon treats its customers with concern and care.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of many of our local companies and telcos.

I recently sent a simple billing inquiry to a Singapore telco. When there was no reply, I called the hotline but did not manage to reach anyone.

I then asked the question on the telco’s Facebook page, and was further referred to the telco’s app for an answer.

Despite being one company, I had to repeat my inquiry anew each time, and was given differing answers from different people.

There was also a lack of a complaint escalation channel and I got nowhere with my inquiry after two weeks.

In this day and age, a firm’s opaque customer service and decision to shield its higher executives from customer feedback look antiquated and stand in stark contrast to the progressive outlook of leaders like Mr Bezos.

With increasing competition from new telcos and live streaming services, any lack of attention to customer service as well as an apparent lack of a complaint escalation channel is truly stupefying.


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