Shopper Experience: How to Keep Rocking on Customer Service


There is no guarantee that you will hit-off well with your customers even if your idea is brilliant.

And even after early impetus, as the business grows, often you need to bring in changes keeping in mind your customer’s requirements and satisfaction.


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For all businesses, a happy customer is the biggest asset. We spoke with some entrepreneurs who shared how their customers’ reviews helped them usher in pivotal changes in their businesses.


As a business model, we provide help at home. Initially, we would take the entire money as an advance and then send the domestic helpers. But after booking for the helpers, we incurred several last minute cancellations. Also, the customers too weren’t happy with our services, as fleeting domestic helpers do not carry credibility. Then, we came across a fruitful suggestion from a customer where he wanted us to charge a token booking amount at the beginning and remaining amount to be paid after five days. Today, we have 35 per cent repeat customers.

– Andrew, Founder and CEO, My Chores


While delivering a dining table at a customer’s place, we could not take it up, as the stairs were too narrow to climb. The delivery boys tried bending it in different directions but in vain. Seeing this, the customer suggested – “Can’t you add to your selection something that folds?” Today, we manufacture all our products in smaller pieces and assemble them later. For example, a bed comes in eight pieces, put together in a box as big as a television set. A dining table comes in 12 pieces with legs and head manufactured separately. We’ve inculcated this as a procurement policy and it has significantly reduced the cancellation rate.

– Shubham Jain, CEO, GrabOnRent


My delivery boys would bring the juices at the customer’s doorstep by 7.30 am; the idea was to deliver those fresh. However, the customers often sent us feedback that they don’t wish to be disturbed early in the morning. After intensive brainstorming, my team designed a wooden box, which could be stuck on the door. The delivery boy would put the bottle into the box and the customers would clear it at their convenience. This saved time for my delivery boys too.

– Vishal Goel, Founder and CEO, Sapfresh


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