La Cumbre de la Experiencia Digital 2022

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Customer Experience Strategies for an Accelerated Reality

Digital Experience Summit is the conference series for customer experience leaders in the digital space for 8 years. In this accelerated reality, explore the endless possibilities in this new world of digitally fluent customers, expecting personalized experiences in an omnichannel world.


In a series of virtual presentations with live interactions, we’ll build on the knowledge gained after a season of unprecedented change. We’ve learned the importance of making the right connections – in our technology networks, across our silos and in our thinking. Now, let’s reassess our models, tools, and assumptions by focusing on the increasingly adaptive customer landscape. Be positioned for growth in the new customer age. Guide a customer-centric culture with the right KPIs and silo-busting practices.

When you join our conference, you’ll enjoy a complimentary lunch with fellow experts, learn from customer experience successes (and failures), and get in touch with the world’s foremost thought-leaders in the industry – like Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist At Google, Senior Fellow At Wharton.

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