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Un cliente paga con un carrito de compras inteligente de Caper Inc. en una tienda de comestibles Foodcellar & Co. en…


En 2020, Amazon lanzó el carrito Amazon Dash en tiendas seleccionadas de Whole Foods. Este carrito de compras inteligente continúa el cambio a las compras al salir. Utiliza visión por computadora y sensores que identifican artículos en su carrito de compras. Al igual que Amazon Go, selecciona su artículo de supermercado, lo escanea en una de las cámaras del carrito de compras y lo coloca en el carrito. El carrito inteligente le permite omitir la línea de pago y llevar el carrito directamente a su automóvil.

The smart shopping cart market is in high gear with a lot of competition. According to Research and Markets, the global smart shopping cart market size in 2021 was around $1,103.41 million and is estimated to grow at a CAGR Of 27% to reach $4,646.39 million by 2027.

Kroger teamed with New York-based Caper to create their KroGO artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart carts in 2021. Tested at a Kroger-banner store in Cincinnati, the KroGO cart uses Caper’s AI and machine learning to scan products as customers put them in the cart. Their smart cart comes with a touchscreen near the cart’s handle and shows a running total of items selected. The cart also comes with an attached point-of-sale card terminal that allows customers to pay for their purchases directly on the cart.

Seattle-based startup Veeve inked a big deal in May 2022 with Albertsons for their smart check carts in two of their stores in California and Idaho. The carts have sensors and cameras that total items selected as they are put into the cart, which lets them skip the checkout line. The company was founded by two former Amazon engineers in 2018 and has raised about $4.2 million.

And in July 2022, a startup out of Israel, Shopic, has re-imagined the smart shopping cart in a more portable way. Their AI-powered clip-on device makes any legacy shopping cart, smart.


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Shopic has raised $35 million in a B fround from Qualcomm Ventures in August bringing their total raised to $56 million to bring their smart clip on device to market.

Raz Golan, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopic, says their smart device easily snaps onto a shopping cart’s plastic bar versus stores having to buy all new shopping carts. Shopic’s clip-on device runs the cart’s width, has cameras facing the cart, and is equipped with one touch screen.

Each clip-on device has a carrying handle so shoppers can take it from the charging wall in the store and put it on the cart’s mount.

Golan says that as the shopper checks out, they can return the device to the charging wall before they take the cart to their car. «This solution is geared towards medium and large supermarkets, where most shopping is conducted using carts,» said Golan.

Currently, the company is deployed in select supermarkets in Israel.

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