RetailTools: The brand is the heart of every retailer


It is also at the core of what we do at SVT. We don’t like static brand documents with grand statements, but brands that make a statement: of which you can hear the brand values reverberate in the consumer experience. Together we create the dot on the horizon and translate the brand into the space, the product and the experience.

A strong brand strategy


A successful brand has a powerful identity, a clear positioning and a strong brand strategy. A brand strategy gives direction and steering to the organisation: it is the ‘reason why’. What is the intrinsic motivation, what is the target audience and which role do you want play in society? What is its unique position in the competitive market? Based on various workshops, we develop unique brand and retail strategies which make the connection between powerful brands and the needs and desires of today’s consumer. The Platform Development Model is a powerful tool during these sessions. It gives insight into the different forces operating in retail, and the underlying holistic cohesion.

Strategic retail advice

We put ourselves in the shoes of the organisation, but we are also its critic. We zoom in on catch-all terms and look at their meaning for the organisation, formula and customer. The customer must experience the brand, the organisation must live the brand.

Sometimes the brand is already as solid as a rock. Sometimes its needs to be improved or tweaked, and sometimes it still must be invented. We step in where required. We are here for you, for just a few workshops, a full branding trajectory, or for a one-off strategic retail advice. Look at the cases of The Glass Story and Intratuin. These are retailers we were involved with from the brand trajectory to realisation.

Pass it on

An upgraded brand strategy, a cast-iron story. How do you communicate this in your organisation, or to the – sometimes tens of thousands – employees? At the end of a brand strategy we implement the key aspects of the brand in a brand guide or brand movie. Catchy, charming, adventurous or compelling, but always short and to the point; we make sure that the story can be passed on. A clear positioning offers starting points to communication, style, services, in short: all consumer touchpoints of the brand. A next step is often the development of the visual identity or the concept: ‘the big idea’. What is your unique story?

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