RetailTools: Success story the Glass Story


A new vision on the optical branch

The Glass Story is the optician with a different perspective, as they don’t just focus on the glasses, but also on someone’s total identity. Optitrade, the service organisation for independent opticians, wanted to combine forces in the strongly competitive optical market. The answer was a new and innovative retail start-up. We developed a new vision on the optical branch and the innovative retail formula, from A to Z: from the concept for customer approach and the creative business model to the visual identity, packaging and the omnichannel retail formula.


We sell happiness

With this concept for The Glass Story, we don’t just look at glasses in the traditional way, as a medical eye correction device, as we believe that glasses mean more than a clear and sharp vision. The perfect glasses change someone’s appearance, they make you better looking and determine your image.

Glasses say a lot about who you are and how you see the world. Why would someone choose a very distinctive frame instead of frameless glasses or contact lenses? The assortment of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses has therefore been categorised into lifestyles, enriched with image content and in-store communication as further inspiration. This makes it easy for customers to find the glasses that match their identity, life, character, and the occasion. Finding and buying glasses or contact lenses will be just as fun as, for instance, buying clothes or booking a holiday: we sell happiness!

Choosing was never easier

The seven style groups are clearly recognisable in the shop and on the website. They have been determined after an extensive analysis of consumer behaviour, lifestyles and fashion styles.

Each group consists of frames, matching accessories, and videos and photos of identifiable every day situations that make the lifestyle visible in an inspiring manner. This makes it easy for customers to find out which group they want to identify themselves with. The Glass Story makes the best options clear and manageable, including the communication of crystal clear prices. That gives the shop and website an open and accessible character. Both are integrated seamlessly, making the orientation, choosing and purchasing processes fun and simple.


Glasses or contact lens subscriptions

Even though we see subscriptions pop up in several branches, The Glass Story introduces subscriptions for glasses and contact lenses. We have developed several types of subscriptions, matching specific lifestyles, needs and aspirations.

The Fashion subscription, for example, is perfect for people who want to change their glasses regularly, so they will always be wearing a frame according to the latest trends. Or the kid’s subscription, which includes unlimited repairs when the glasses fall or are knocked off, so the kids can play all they want. Another example is the sports subscription, which combines glasses and contact lenses for uninterrupted sports activities. Here, we have also looked at the lifestyles and wearing moments, to offer the best service proposal.

The first lens bar ever

Do you prefer contact lenses? The Glass Story has an actual contact lens bar where all options are clearly explained. By giving the contact lens bar a prominent place, this product gets the attention it deserves.

Developments in this area follow each other rapidly. Improved comfort, daily wearing times that are as long as possible, and a maximum oxygen distribution to the eyes are important criteria. The lenses and solutions are entirely private label. For The Glass Story we also designed the packaging, matching the retail formula. With respect to this, we also wanted to abandon the medical style which is so typical for the market, while, at the same time, maintaining the quality perception and trust. That is why the tone of voice plays an important part: the name tells you everything about the product.

Packaging with its own eccentric image

Packagings are taken home and are therefore an important part of your brand. SVT was also given the job to design the packagings for the private label contact lenses and solutions of The Glass Story.

We have given the products their own voice; they speak to you with titles such as ‘No Time’, ‘No Rub’, and ‘I’m All In One’. We have also chosen catchy names, such as ‘Happy Tears’ (eye drops), ‘Forever Friends’ (year lenses) or ‘No Mercy’ (peroxide system).

Physical as well as online

SVT has designed the web style, the underlying design for the website of The Glass House. To achieve an optimal brand experience, it is important that the online and physical experience are one and the same, both in the shop and at home or en route.