de BIBLIOTHEEK An open and inspiring environment

de Bibliotheek, Treasury and meeting point.




The library concept developed by SVT has as its goal, increasing the number of book loans and members, stimulating a longer stay and improving customer satisfaction in the area of presentation, collection, actuality of the collection, design and findability. The added value has a rational side by taking away hindrances and obstructions, but also an emotional, because the library seduces, inspires and surprises. A more pleasant design and better presentation will turn it into a place for relaxing, enjoying the moment and drifting off for a moment – in short, for a recreational visit.


The interior design is structured modularly. Some modules are optional and because of that applicable to all types of branches. Core values are open, warm, inspiring, personal, modern, expert and quality. Shelves and tables have been designed specifically to be able to present the assortment more easily and flexibly. In addition to the interior design concept, SVT was also responsible for the communication concept. On the one hand this is intended to support the service concept (more self service), and on the other to create an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere.


The visual identity suits the new role of the library as a treasure chamber and a meeting point, and reveals a location to browse and discover. Associations with that might be things like little reader, search button, and little roof. The style is available for every public library in the Netherlands. Libraries are free to apply the logo, but the use would contribute strongly to a clear face of the library. In order to make this process run smoother, SVT has developed a style manual and a toolkit for the exterior.




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