COOP Navigating, inspiring, activating

Coop, Honest, traditional, fresh.



Coop is the only supermarket founded for and by customers. At Coop the customers get to make decisions on the assortment, discounts and actions, and that’s what makes Coop unique in the Netherlands. The customer is and will always be the only motive and Coop wants to make a difference together with its customers. To stress this unique identity, and also to situate the position of ‘honest, traditional, fresh’ better, SVT has developed a new and strong retail identity for the supermarket formula. Thanks to this, Coop can communicate better with its customers.


At the start of the cooperation with Coop, SVT spent much attention to in-store communication and the customer journey. Navigating, inspiring and activating were the key words to guide customers in the shopping process and to inform them on the special products of Coop. The visual identity has a striking use if the colours orange, black and white, and a rugged use of fonts, so that the customer can find his way better in the store. The stores have been given a new look and a coherent image has come to be in the formula.


The new design was first tested in three stores, after which the in-store communication was quickly extended to many other branches. This gave Coop a visible overarching retail identity in a short amount of time. By now the formula has been expanded to include various aisles, like Bread and Fruits and Vegetables, in the position of ‘honest, traditional, fresh’. For the bread aisle SVT has developed all packaging and illustration styles.




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