AAN de DIS, The edible garden, dining and cooking

Aan de Dis, Dining together, enjoying together.


In order to control the dependence on seasons and the fluctuation of visitor numbers, SVT and Intratuin developed several scenarios related to the current store concept of Intratuin. This led to the creation of the shop-in-shop and stand-alone store formula Aan de Dis. This formula concentrates on the edible garden, the kitchen and the set table.
With this concept Intratuin wants to attract a younger target audience and generate more reasons for a visit to Intratuin.





With the Retail Choice Diagram® developed by SVT an integrated concept was designed, consisting of all aspects of the formula, from the name up to the choice of the products. The store image is spacious, orderly and atmospheric. The products are ordered according to three worlds: the edible garden, dining and cooking. Customers have no difficulties finding products, because the walls have a navigating function that lead them to the right world. The in-store communication is also aimed on helping and inspiring. In the middle of the store is a kitchen island that is quite the experience every time you enter the store.


The shop-in-shop formula was tested in three pilot branches. The results exceeded our expectations and warranted further expansion of the number of Aan de Dis locations.
In 2010 SVT developed a refresh of the department: the in-store communication was renewed in look & feel, so that it is once more completely modern.



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