REVIEW: Puma Run XX Nitro–for women only!

diseñadas para el pie femenino

Según publica el portal runningmagazine, This new shoe from Puma is built on a women-specific last to more accurately conform to women’s foot anatomy

The Puma Run XX Nitro comes with a lot of fanfare, since it’s the first Puma shoe designed for women only, and built on a women-specific last. Women’s biomechanics are different from men’s–they have narrower heels and require more arch and ankle support, since their connective tissues are stretchier than men’s, and they tend to pronate (roll in) more when they run.


Category: Neutral cushioning
Drop: 8 mm
Weight: 204g (women) 176g (men)
Stack Height: 39.5 mm
Available: August 16, 2022
MSRP: $300.00

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The midsole

The midsole is where you will find the biggest changes. Fans of the Endorphin Pro and Pro 2 know that Saucony’s revolutionary PWRRUNPB foam is highly cushioned and responsive. The Pro 3 boasts an additional 4mm stack, bringing the height right up to the World Athletics allowable maximum (40mm). This pushes the limits of a world-class racing shoe, striking the perfect balance of cushioning and propulsion.

Despite the increased foam, this shoe is remarkably light, weighing less than the previous two versions. One of the weight-saving features is a series of midsole cutouts, revealing the S-curve carbon fibre plate. The magic of the Pro 3 comes from the combination of the thick foam, the plate, and Saucony’s SpeedRoll technology. Together, they create continuous momentum from foot plant to toe-off.

The upper

The upper is about as minimalist as you can get: the thin and breathable single-layer mesh, cut-outs on the tongue, and flat laces further reduce the shoe’s weight. These features, along with the FORMFIT design locked my foot comfortably in place, despite the slightly wider toe box.

The outsole

The XT-900 outsole has also undergone an upgrade. The midsole cutouts mean that the outsole is now divided into two distinct portions: forefoot and heel. Because this shoe rolls you right onto your toes, the long section of forefoot rubber is a helpful addition, providing extra traction where you need it most. It holds up very well on multiple surfaces, and I felt just as secure on the track as I did on both wet and dry roads.

The verdict

I wore the Saucony Endorphin Pro and Pro 2 for several key workouts while preparing for the Olympics last year, which allowed me to manage volume and speed sessions without fatiguing. The Pro 3 is a noticeable upgrade, and I’ve loved how fast and smooth I feel in training. That being said, the Pro 3 is a racing shoe, ideal for everything from the 5K to the marathon. It can be helpful for those key workouts, and of course, for race day.

Saucony hit it out of the park with these updates, and if you liked the Endorphin line already, you’ll love this newest addition. When chasing PB’s the Endorphin Pro 3 is hard to beat!