PMI cosecha los frutos de la omnicanalidad en la venta retail de viajes

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The company has rolled out a new service which engages and connects shoppers both online and offline

Philip Morris International (PMI) is using omnichannel retail to engage shoppers and overcome the issues presented by a “fragmented” travel ecosystem.

The company has deployed a new omnichannel strategy, supported by digital innovations, during the past 18 months as brands and retailers have battled to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


In 2020, the company launched a network of “digital-to-consumer” tools which allowed legal-age shoppers to engage with and purchase IQOS products through interactive digital experiences. The company said that creating touchpoints across online and offline was “a top priority” during the pandemic.

“It is paramount that digital and technology innovations are deployed to address consumer needs and their pain points and to ultimately bring a better more efficient, more seamless experience to the consumer,” explained PMI Head of Consumer Experience, Marketing & Digital Martin Jobin.

In the past year, the company’s efforts have been recognised with six awards including the Duty Free Experience of the Year Award at the DFNI-Frontier Asia Pacific Awards 2021 and two prizes at the Digital Impact Awards 2021.

“We had a clear vision of where we wanted to go with our digital transformation,” said Edvinas Katilius, Vice President of Phillip Morris International Duty Free.

“The pandemic and the resulting changing consumer needs accelerated the deployment of our digital initiatives across our global points of sale.

“The awards we have received from peers within our industry and from outside the travel retail industry are testimony and recognition of our consumer-centric digital innovations.”

Among the company’s key innovations have been Discover IQOS, the information and education platform for legal-age shoppers seeking information about the IQOS line. Shop IQOS provides a mobile reservation service so shoppers can collect their purchases at the checkout when they are ready, while Loop Digital Signage and QR codes increase engagement and outreach with shoppers.

All of this speaks to a wider effort by the company to create an improved digital and omnichannel shopping experience for customers in the travel retail and duty free markets.

Jobin concluded: “Consumers exert the same level of service in travel retail as they would expect elsewhere in their consumer journey.

“Digitisation of the consumer journey is paramount, and in-store experiential retail will become a must-have. We are committed to ensuring the consumer remains at the forefront and will continue to be the driver of our innovation.”

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