Desbloqueando experiencia omnicanal con KraftHeinz

Pantalla digital con un carrito de ecommerce en el centro

The importance of data-informed brand and consumer interrelationships

Brave Commerce is a highly-successful podcast hosted by Rachel Tipograph, MikMak’s founder and CEO, and Sarah Hofstetter, Profitero’s president. On the podcast, Tipograph and Hofstetter discuss what’s hot and trending in the commerce sphere for the world’s biggest brands. The dynamic duo sat down with Ashley Becker, vp of ecommerce and omni customer growth at KraftHeinz, during Adweek’s Commerce Week for a discussion about the typical, or even now atypical, brand and retailer interrelationship.

The omnichannel future of ecommerce

Becker said that although the terms “omnichannel” and “ecommerce” are often used interchangeably, as consumerism evolves, she believes the future consumer experience will be focused on omnichannel experiences that encompass ecommerce and beyond.


“The key term here is ‘omni,’ as we think about this kind of rapidly evolving environment as consumer solutions and products come to life in a really big way over the past two to three years, it’s created a really diverse experience for our consumers,” she said. “I think it’s important for us to be thinking within the frame of omni and that overarching theme allows us to think more broadly about what’s possible and what could come to life in the near future. But it also helps us think about the complexity of what’s going on today. I think there’s an incredible opportunity to think about the consumer journey in a more detail-focused way.”

Bringing omnichannel marketing to life

Becker said her team is broadening the shopper marketing scope to omni shopper marketing to create customer experiences that transcend traditional shopping while still including the parts of traditional shopping that consumers love.

“There are so many interactions and so much cross-pollination — it’s an ecosystem,” she said. “If we’re talking in siloed channels, we’re missing out on the opportunity to understand the interdependencies and the crossover of impact. It’s no longer these disparate digital and brick-and-mortar spaces, but it’s a whole team that’s looking at the activation end-to-end for each of our retailers.”

Becker said KraftHeinz encourages their retail partners to bring all of those key leaders to the table — the digital merchants, the brick-and-mortar merchants, the media disciplines, and so on.

“We want them all to be brought together to talk about what a big, bold idea might look like,” she explained. “What is that retail media investment? What’s the impact it might have on a brick-and-mortar category? What’s the digital experience, and what kind of impact is that having in-store as consumers are looking for content? How is content driving engagement digitally and in-store?”

Using data to help unlock key insights

For a brand as iconic as KraftHeinz, the panelists agree that its household recognition directly corresponds to carefully collecting audience insights and data to consult everyday business decisions coupled with choosing powerful partners.

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