Innovación: You Can Now Shop for (and Smell) Bacon in Virtual Reality


If there’s one thing that can get breakfast-loving virtual reality addicts to take off their headsets, it’s probably the smell of bacon. But not for long: Hormel today unveiled a multi-sensory bacon shopping experience in VR.

Hormel VR Bacon ViewDubbed «The Black Market,» it’s part marketplace and part video game. Navigate to, and you can explore bacon in four different types of habitats: outer space, a volcano, a dark forest, and the ocean. There’s not really much that you can do in each world other than look around and listen to sizzling sounds, which apparently represent bacon cooking.


To get the full effect, you’ll want to drop your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer. Hormel is offering a limited number of free custom bacon-scented viewers, which you can order on the website. You can also experience the site without a viewer, as you would Pokemon Go—just move your phone around to check out whatever world you’re in.

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During my brief explorations, I never got to the point where it asked me if I’d like to purchase bacon. If you’d like to skip the VR foreplay and just place an order, you can do so on the desktop version of the site.

This isn’t the first time a major bacon maker has offered a unique mobile experience. In 2014, Hormel’s competitor Oscar Meyer offered «Wake Up & Smell The Bacon,» a small device that attached to an iPhone’s headphone jack, transforming it into a bacon-scented alarm clock.

Of course, two years later, handset manufacturers are ditching the headphone jack, and virtual reality is all the rage. So Hormel has raised the bar, and we can’t wait to see what bacon-themed mobile experience Oscar Meyer comes up with next.

Autor: Tom Brant


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