Innovación: Wendy’s Arrives in Brazil with New Concept

Wendy’s Arrives in Brazil with New Concept to Transform Consumer Experience with NCR

The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ: WEN) has opened its first two stores in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo. With capacity for over 140 people, Wendy’s is transforming the customer experience across its restaurants thanks to the technology provided by NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni–channel solutions.


Wendy’s has rolled out NCR Vitalcast digital signage solution at its restaurant entrances, enabling the brand to promote its menu and promotions in a new way. After ordering and paying at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, guests are given a device enabled with geolocation capabilities that enables the staff to bring the order directly to the customer wherever the customer is seated.

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«Our goal is to deliver quality products in the shortest time possible. And more than that, customer convenience is our top priority, so we invest in technologies that enable us to automate internal processes and ensure customers get their food as quickly as possible,» said Marcel Gholmieh, from Wendy’s.

To structure these and other restaurant operations, «NCR was our chosen partner because it complemented our own working ethos and approach, which aims to provide the best experience to the Brazilian consumer,» says Wendy’s Marcel Gholmieh.

Cutting-edge technology

Wendy’s uses the NCR Aloha POS software that facilitates the management of daily activities and internal processes, with resources for reporting, menu management, customizable screens and a user-intuitive interface. The solution also includes increased data security for cloud storage between other points that make management more simple and secure with detailed control activities.

With fast service key to Wendy’s offering, the restaurant also uses the NCR Aloha Kitchen – a solution that ensures the management and control of kitchen orders straight from the POS terminal.

NCR Aloha Kitchen enables the analysis of production time of each dish of the restaurant, and allows order visualization in detail to time perfectly the different elements of the order so that customers receive high quality food quickly.

Mobility and productivity

Wendy’s is also using the NCR Pulse Real–Time, a mobile app that provides visibility of sales performance, labor and much more in real time. NCR Pulse Real-Time enables senior and regional managers to better understand the performance of their restaurants wherever they are.

«The arrival of Wendy’s in Brazil shows how promising the hospitality sector is in the country. We are delighted to be working with this renowned fast food chain to provide the best solutions available in the market for restaurant operations,” Tad Phelps, vice president for Hospitality. “Due to the constant investment NCR makes in innovation, we can offer the best solutions, from hardware to software and services, and make daily activities more efficient with a differentiated consumer experience.”

The arrival of Wendy’s in Brazil is the result of the joint venture between Infinity Services, Starboard and a subsidiary of Wendy’s Company.


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