Innovación: Victoria’s Secret Incredible bra wants a piece of your heart


Sports bra packs heart rate sensors for fitness tracking

Victoria’s Secret is selling an Incredible sports bra – quite literally, as that’s what it’s called – that boasts heart rate sensors for bpm tracking on the go.


The electrodes are on the inside of the bra – which comes in pink or grey – and connect up to «most clip-on heart rate monitors by leading brands».

The Incredible sports bra by Victoria’s Secret is made from a Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool and dry during workouts, and its makers claim it is suitable for running, boxing and high-impact workouts.

Smart clothing is set to take the wearable world by storm, a recent report from Gartner claimed. The report forecast that smart garments like the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech smartshirt and the Myontech shorts awould overtake the fitness bands that dominate the market today.

“Because smartshirts and other smartgarments can hold more sensors closer to the skin, they can collect more information and produce better data, like the full wave of the heart beat rather than just the pulse,” Gartner research director Angela McIntyre said.

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By 2016 Gartner sales of 26 million smart clothing products, which would eclipse both fitness trackers and sports watches.

With huge brands like Victoria’s Secret getting involved, those predictions may not be as bold as they first seem.


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