Innovación: UK shopping centres make it an augmented reality Christmas


British Land has teamed up with Harmony Studios to launch a Christmas-themed, mobile app-based augmented reality game across 21 of its local and regional shopping centres.

Shopping centres up and down the UK will be offering children the chance to participate in an augmented reality (AR) game via their mobile apps, thanks to a new British Land initiative launched in time for the busy Christmas period.


The app-based children’s game which can be downloaded on to mobile devices encourages families to follow a five-step virtual present hunt, directing people around their local shopping centres. The game will be available in 21 local and regional centres across British Land’s retail portfolio, including Sheffield’s Meadowhall and Glasgow Fort.

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The game is called ‘Freezy’s Christmas Adventure’ and has been launched in partnership with AR company, Harmony Studios, to help enhance the family customer experience during the festive period when the shopping centres typically encounter their busiest time of the year. It is specifically aimed at children aged between three and nine years old.

British Land will be running the campaign until 24 December 2016, with the ultimate aim to help drive footfall, dwell time and brand loyalty – as well as increase sales for its retail tenants. A further three campaigns alongside Harmony Studios are planned, and they come after app and gamification trials took place at three centres throughout 2016.

From a technology perspective, the game is compatible with all handheld devices, is downloadable from the device app store and does not need Wi-Fi to run. A competition is running adjacent to the campaign, with a range of prizes on offer including iPad Minis and toys. Ben Dimson, head of business development for British Land, commented: “Our scale enables us to invest in innovation and industrialise successful technologies across the business”.

“We have a loyal customer base who often shop with their children (18.3% compared to the national average of 14.8%) so we think a family game that can be safely uploaded and played again and again is perfect for our customers and their children.”

Recent research undertaken by British Land between August and October 2016 showed that events can increase dwell time in its centres by 41%.

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