Innovación: The Home Depot Designing Innovative Experiences


Recently The Home Depot turned to WD Partners in its search for an innovative new store design that would make its stores the consistent first choice of both professional contractors and DIY shoppers. The goal was to overhaul the customer experience by empowering shoppers to easily and confidently find and select the products they seek, allowing store associates to be devoted to areas where they have the most value.

A carefully thought-out strategic approach guided development of the design, creating a comprehensive “total store” plan that touches everything from the store entrance and showroom to paint, garden and customer service areas. Appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, window treatments, flooring and home decor— have been brought together in a consolidated Design Showroom where associates can better assist shoppers with planning, design and purchase options.


The new Paint Solutions Desk makes it easier for customers to select paint samples and purchase painting supplies. The new design provides professional contractors with a dedicated space of their own where they can find bulk product supplies and areas for planning and consulting. Indoor and Outdoor Garden Shops have been reworked to make them more shopper friendly and enhance the presentation of products.

Since 1999, WD has worked closely with The Home Depot, completing over 1900 projects, from store design and digital integration to managing the development of new stores during the company’s greatest period of growth.



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