Innovacion: SOL Lingerie Brings In-Store Experience Online

When your physical store revolves around high-touch, personalized service, how exactly do you go about replicating that experience online?

That’s the conundrum that SOL Lingerie, launched by sisters Cindy Johnson and Jeanie Peterson, found itself in recently. The 19-year-old company’s sole boutique in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood has attracted a strong, devoted clientele of women who love not just the unique assortment of bras, underwear and other pretty things from brands such as Andres Sarda, Marie Jo, Daisy and Prima Donna but the memorable hands-on shopping experience of finding their perfect size with a highly trained fitter who serves them for their lifetime with the company. Indeed, SOL’s six fitters are on a mission not to push product but instead are all about selling comfort, confidence and fun, according to marketing director Steve Jones.


Online shoppers don’t have the benefit of having the fitters’ combined 25+ years’ experience and expertise at the ready so SOL had to figure out another way to help customers identify the right product solutions on the website.

SOL completed its e-commerce replatform last fall, choosing Magento 2.0 to offer a modern, easy-to-use experience. «We quickly realized that growing the business meant growing the online business,» says Peterson. «Magento 2.0 opens up the possibility of using technology to provide customers with the same fun SOL experience online as they get in store. The value of the online customer experience is what it’s all about. That’s what will drive our growth.»

Fuente: RIS

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