Innovación: Smart watchband answers calls with a fingertip to ear


The Sgnl smart strap converts classic watches into hybrids and improves smartwatches as wearers answer calls by touching a fingertip to their ear.

Developed by Innomdle Lab, the first company to launch from Samsung’s startup incubator, the Sgnl smart strap uses Bluetooth to connect to calls coming in to a wearer’s phone. The smart strap vibrates to indicate that someone is calling, and wearers answer by raising their arm to put a fingertip to their ear.


Sound vibrations travel from the strap through the hand and finger and into the ear. Wearers speak into a small microphone on the strap. Because of the direct contact with the ear, privacy is ensured. No one other than the wearer of the strap will be able to hear the call. Each Sgnl package includes the tools necessary to swap straps, allowing both conventional and smartwatches to integrate the smart strap. The Sgnl app can send reminders and helps users track their calls and messages. Production is planned to begin in December 2016, with delivery from February 2017.

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