Innovación: Sainsbury’s contactless payment tech

Sainsbury’s becomes the last of the Big 4 to get contactless payment tech

Sinsbury’s will launch contactless payments in most of its 800 nationwide convenience stores, becoming the final grocer in the Big 4 to do so.


The supermarket retailer will roll out the technology ahead of the Christmas trading period, after failing to stick to plans to adopt contactless in the first half of 2016.

Although “the majority” of its convenience stores will see the arrival of the technology by the end of the year, no estimated time frame has been given for Sainsbury’s bigger supermarkets.

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“Our customers will find an expected item in the bagging areas soon – we are in the process of introducing contactless payments in our stores,” a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said.

Having recently hailed the adoption of technology as its new focus, acquiring Argos parent company Home Retail Group and putting an emphasis on hybrid online shopping eBay colletion sites, Sainsbury’s has been unusually cautious about adopting contactless technology.

It is set to post its interim results on November 9, shedding light on how it is coping with the £1.4 billion acquisition of Home Retail.


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