Innovación: M-ND Uses Interactive Displays To Manage Retail Campaigns


M-ND is providing retailers with interactive displays and a content management platform designed to create compelling campaigns for marketers. The solution manages integrated media with actionable touch points that range from mobile integration and social media to sampling and experiential.

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Currently the solution provider has a deployment at Melissa Shoes. The retailer’s, whose customers are now able to use M-ND’s interactive displays to:

  • View digital lookbooks;

  • Print photos of social media posts taken in-store and tagged with the #melissashoesusa hashtag;

  • Trigger real-time rewards;

  • Compete for highest social influencer status; and

  • Engage in other customer loyalty-focused activities.

M-ND also provides retailers with social media analytics and insights designed to help them identify their most influential customers, determine which products are getting the most attention on social media and understand the number of interactions each photo is getting.

The company is just releasing its first wearable displays. These will allow brands to deliver photo-printing and transaction-based experiences directly to fans, who will be encouraged to share their in-person experiences with their social media audiences on the spot in return for photo swag, discount coupons and other printable giveaways.


Fuente: retailTouchPoints

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