Innovación: Is in-store videoconferencing omnichannel’s logical next step?

Within the next three years, 16 percent of retailers plan to utilize videoconferencing to allow a customer to shop from home with the help of an associate in the store.

That is the conclusion of Boston Retail Group’s “The Future Store Manifesto – 2016 Scorecard,” which was sponsored by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Wrote BRG in its report, “Customers can request to see different products and get a better understanding of size and color options based on interaction with a live associate.”


The prediction comes as a few retailers — Saks and Nordstrom, for example — are enabling online browsers to contact in-store associates for assistance. At the same time, how-to, unboxing and demonstration videos have become popular on YouTube and more online demonstration videos can be found on sites such Best Buy as part of the shopping process.

Invodo’s “2016 Omnichannel Outlook: Why Online Shoppers Want Video,” which surveyed more than 1,000 shoppers, found that:

  • Eighty-four percent of shoppers have watched at least one video in the past three months to research a product online;
  • Seventy-four percent are more likely to purchase when video is part of the process;
  • Eighty-eight percent agreed that videos better explain product features and benefits;
  • Sixty-eight percent are likely to watch a video on a product page, 42 percent on a home page and 36 percent on YouTube.

The Invodo study found desire for video ranked higher for expensive or complex items but was generally seen as helpful across many categories. The top five categories were consumer electronics, with 90 percent of respondents finding videos important; home, 83 percent; automotive, 81 percent; apparel 75 percent; and sporting goods, also 75 percent.

Fuente: Retail Wire

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