Innovación: Hyundai just made real cars out of children’s crazy drawings


Last April 22nd, Hyundai Motors held the most peculiar car show, one targeted only for children. The company asked kids to draw their dream car and turned their charming designs into functional vehicles.

Usually, big corporations use motor shows to showcase new technologies and creative designs developed by their pool of skilled professionals. The Brilliant Kids Motor Show, created by Hyundai with the sponsorship of the Seoul Design Foundation, sought instead to turn the scribbly drawings of children into real-life prototypes.


Children will be the consumers of the cars of tomorrow, and with this premise in mind, Hyundai wanted to give them the opportunity to design what they will drive on the streets of the future.


They received over 7,300 entries, from which they chose 15 demented designs to produce ½ scale drivable vehicles. To be able to turn these handmade drawings into real life, it took 25 industry professionals, among them engineers and artists.

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The winning little auto designers had their say in the production process. They also had the responsibility to unveil and present their creations to the audience.

Apart from displaying these adorably crazy cars, the show was divided into five pavilions, each one focused on a different biome. The objective here was to show children the differences between deserts, forests, the open sky, a convoluted city, and the sea.

Their future environment will be a very different one from what we have today. So Hyundai wanted to inspire these little soon-to-be-drivers, preparing them to be tomorrow’s environmental and automotive ambassadors.

Autor: Benjamin Pineros


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