Innovación: Growth seen for retail indoor location technologies


Installations for retail indoor location technologies, which include BLE beacons and Wi-Fi, is set to break the 200,000 stores by the end of this year, ABI Research estimates.

The research firm predicts that a shift away from traditional retail apps and proximity-based advertising will unlock the true capabilities of the technology.


«Retailers remain trapped between the need for an effective mobile strategy and a failure to drive app adoption, with in-store app usage remaining below 10 percent for many,» said Patrick Connolly, Principal Analyst at ABI Research.

«App fatigue is a reality for many consumers; the last thing they need is a separate, unhelpful app for every store they visit. As a result, some retailers are reconsidering the viability of mobile apps altogether,” he added.

ABI Research believes location-based initiatives like Google Nearby may help change this dynamic by removing many of the frictions associated with retail apps.

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«Google Nearby enables retailers to embrace highly focused, task-based micro-apps and web URLs, both of which prompt the user to access hyper-relevant content based on proximity and relevancy,» explained Connolly. «Another approach is to centralize engagement in a commonly used app like Facebook or WeChat.”

Solutions like this remove the need to download or remember apps; any store offers and deals that are pertinent and close to the individual consumer’s current location will be immediately at his or her fingertips.

Meanwhile,  BLE beacons are still catching headlines but the research firm said Wi-Fi recently re-established its market importance, with startups like Cloud4Wi and Euclid achieving great success and Purple and Zenreach receiving significant funding.

With handset-based location solutions emerging from Apple, Google, and others, as well as attribution and retargeting, Wi-Fi is set to re-emerge as an important indoor location technology.

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