Innovación: Food City Enhances Shopping Experience

Food City Enhances Shopping Experience with Deployment of ECRS across All Locations

For the chain of family-owned and operated Food City Supermarkets in El Paso, TX, cutting-edge technology has long been part of their legacy. In fact, Food City was one of the first retailers in their region to use electronic scanning cash registers in the 1970’s. Today, as Food City “continues to enhance the shopping experience with current technology,” they announce the successful deployment of ECRS’ CATAPULT® Point of Sale and Grocery Management System across all locations.


“We installed three stores (25 lanes) over the course of three days, and your team at ECRS was extremely resourceful in making the planning, implementation, training, and installation phases run extremely smooth,” said Rick Scott, of Food City Supermarkets. “The expertise and dedication of the entire team helped to cover any and all bases in order to make the transition and installation a success with little or no interruption of our normal store procedures.”

While meeting Texas WIC requirements was a major reason for the initial search for a new point-of-sale system, Food City made the somewhat difficult decision to go with a top-of-the-line system rather than opting for a lower-end solution, as many of their colleagues did. Scott states that they now “understand the true reason for an investment like we made.” He also believes they have “only scratched the surface” of what Catapult can provide for their successful grocery business as they “get to know and grow with Catapult and everything it has to offer.”

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“ECRS is excited for the opportunity to partner with Food City Supermarkets to enhance their in-store technology and customer experience – today, and for years to come,” said ECRS President, Founder, and CEO, Pete Catoe. “We couldn’t be happier with the early results, and will continue to stand with them through the adoption of new programs and processes. We love helping our customers find a deeper value in their POS investment, while enabling them to solve problems forced by the modern marketplace.”


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