Innovación: Flint Group unveils LED inks for food packaging


Flint Group has announced global launch of EkoCure Ancora, UV LED curable low-migration inks for food packaging. EkoCure Ancora, newest innovation in the industry, combines revolutionary technology of UV LED curing along with low migration food compliant chemistries.

Together, the technologies enable food safe printing with the highest reliability and productivity due to stable curing at high press speeds and optimised UV LED ink chemistry. Importantly, the inks comply with regulations set by the Nestlé Guidance Note, Swiss Ordinance and the FDA.


“Fitting with our commitment to support food compliant labels and packaging, it is with great excitement that we commercialise this new product line.  EkoCure™ ANCORA expands our ANCORA low migration portfolio and enables converters to grow their business with short run flexible food packaging,” said Guillaume Clement, Global Vice President for Flint Group Narrow Web.

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Kelly Kolliopoulos, Global Marketing Director for Flint Group Narrow Web states, “The innovative journey in developing UV LED curing products that was started four years ago by Flint Group, is culminating in a milestone development – low migration UV LED curable inks.”

EkoCure Ancora  is available in the full range of Pantone® basic colours, 4-colour process set plus orange, green and violet for expanded gamut printing, opaque white as well as a range of coatings, adhesives, and metallics.

EkoCure Ancora delivers:

  • Documented low migration properties achieved at very high print speeds (excess of 150 m/min or 500 fpm).
  • Suitable for the most stringent food label and packaging applications –
  • Meeting specific migration levels below 10 ppb, 50 ppb or SML.
  • Compliant to Nestle Guidance Note, Swiss Ordinance and FDA regulations.
  • Tested using the food simulants of 95% Ethanol, Tenax, and Acetic Acid at 40 degrees C for 10 days.
  • Very good colour strength and adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates.


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