Innovación: Facebook dynamic ads can now be tailored for app install

Facebook has finally launched its dynamic ads feature aimed toward driving mobile application installs, and brands such as are already starting to see the effects.

The feature was announced several months ago but is only now coming into effect. Facebook is hoping that driving app installs will give marketers and boost this holiday season as smartphone use has spiked.


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“ used dynamic ads for mobile app installs to find new, high-quality users as people began planning upcoming travel. We are seeing early positive results in CPI as well as in cost per in-app purchase compared to static web retargeting campaigns. This great performance indicates that dynamic mobile app install ads are the future of app marketing on Facebook.”

Dynamic ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads are a staple of its advertising suite, providing brands and marketers with the methods to target the right consumers who are most likely to purchase the kinds of products the brands are offering.

Now, Facebook is bringing that technology to app installs, using Faceboook’s algorithms to target the customers who are most likely to install certain apps.

Facebook cites a report that showed a ten percent increase in smartphone sales last year as a reason for marketers to turn their attention towards app installs.

While mobile is quickly coming to dominate the digital scene, marketers still need to get their message in front of consumers outside of their own apps in order to get them to install.

Facebook also found that app installs peaked around the holiday season last year, meaning that now is the best time for consumers to target customers for app installation ads.

To facilitate that, Facebook’s dynamic ads can now be used as a call-to-action for consumers to install apps.

“Snapdeal has a wide variety of products. By using dynamic ads, we have the flexibility to appeal to a diverse set of customers by showing specific products to the people who have demonstrated interest in them. By showing relevant content, we’ve seen an increase in repeat transactions in the app, and seen a 6-8X return on ad spend. Dynamic ads and mobile app remarketing with Facebook is an important part of our mobile app strategy,”

App installs

Some of the brands that have started using dynamic ads for app installs, such as the popular mobile game developer Zynga, have already seen a 4.5 times higher return on ad spend through its use.

As mobile becomes increasingly popular, marketers have to work harder to get their app noticed when app stores are bursting with free or cheap apps for users to play with.

Many consumers are turning to all-purpose messaging platforms that can fit a variety of other app functions into one platform. This makes it even more important for brands that have their own mobile apps to do whatever they can to get the installs they need to keep that app afloat.

Facebook’s dynamic ads are yet another tool in the app marketer’s arsenal to make that happen.

“We partnered with the Facebook team to run a lift study and understand the effects of view-through attribution. What we found was that we were under-attributing installs by 18% when only using a last click attribution model. We always understood the effect of Facebook advertising, but this really helped quantify the overall impact. We’re very excited about view-through attribution as it enables us to better understand the effects of our advertising.”

Fuente: Mobile Marketer

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